Discover Revelstoke’s 'hidden' art movement

A secret society of artists have transformed Revelstoke Mountain Resort

It is no secret that Revelstoke is known for its incredible ski terrain. Visitors come from all corners of the globe to experience the highest vertical drop in North America, standing tall at an impressive 1,713 metres (5,620 feet).

But there's something special waiting for you amidst the trees and beyond the ridges, adding an extra touch of uniqueness to this mountain resort.

Mia Gordon/Twitter: Special moments capture in Revelstoke, B.C.

The art pieces are made from recycled materials. (Mia Gordon/The Weather Network)

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In the past couple of years, the Revelstoke Outdoor Art Movement (ROAM) has been hard at work, crafting more than 80 art installations scattered throughout the resort. Created from recycled materials, these pieces bring a whole new dimension to the slopes.

The Weather Network's Mia Gordon explores the world of ROAM and its secret society of artists in the video above. They hope that skiers and snowboarders will delight in discovering these hidden public art treasures while enjoying their day on the mountainside.