Canada's unique 'broccoli trees': Where to find them and why they grow like this

Nestled inside the stunning Pacific Rim National Park in beautiful British Columbia, you'll discover a one-of-a-kind landscape that's sure to capture your attention

When thinking of Vancouver Island, one may envision the exquisite old-growth rainforest within the expansive Pacific Rim National Park; however, nestled within this sanctuary lies a truly distinctive terrain that stands in stark contrast to the towering cedars that dominate its surroundings.

The Bog Forest, or affectionately termed the "broccoli forest", is a unique landscape is characterized by its inadequately drained ecosystem, hosting scant vegetation due to challenging growing conditions.

Mia Gordon: Broccoli trees in Vancouver Island

(Credit: Mia Gordon/The Weather Network)

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The sole tree species that thrives within this environment is the shore pine, manifesting in peculiar, irregular forms reminiscent of broccoli florets. Interestingly, visitors can easily navigate this captivating forest through a brief 20-minute stroll.

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