Going backcountry skiing? Watch this first

This avalanche safety course is essential if entering the backcountry

Backcountry skiing has experienced a notable surge in popularity as of 2020. Ski resorts found themselves restricted by capacity limits imposed due to the pandemic, prompting enthusiasts to venture into the expansive backcountry. Since then, the industry hasn't slowed down. In fact, the global ski touring equipment and apparel market is projected to reach $9582.9 million USD by 2028.

But what makes the backcountry so appealing also makes it so dangerous: it is an uncontrolled avalanche territory. So, before venturing out, it's crucial to possess the necessary safety expertise and equipment.

The Weather Network's Mia Gordon recently participated in an avalanche safety training course with Mountain Skills Academy and Adventure in B.C. and provides some crucial pre-adventure tips in the video above.