More than 30,000 aftershocks expected in California

While another "sizable" earthquake is possible in southern California over the next week the probability is falling "by the minute," according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

As of Monday afternoon, the probability of an earthquake measuring magnitude 6 or greater occurring over the next few days is around 8 per cent, down from 27 per cent over the weekend.

The current probability of a magnitude 7 or greater earthquake hitting within the next week has fallen to about 1 per cent, down from 6 percent on Friday.

Experts say the likelihood of a large quake occurring is "becoming less likely" with each passing minute because the initial predictions are "packed into the hours and days after the main shock," Caltech seismologist Doug Given told the Los Angeles Times.

No deaths or major injuries have been linked to last week's earthquakes, but the magnitude 7.1 tremor that occurred on July 5 was one of the strongest to hit southern California in two decades.


In the days following the 6.4 tremor that struck near the Ridgecrest community on July 4, at least 3,000 aftershocks have been recorded across southern California. On Saturday, Hauksson said the recent earthquake sequence could spur as many as 34,000 aftershocks measuring a magnitude 1 or greater over the next six months.

According to the Los Angeles Times, there have been 22 earthquakes measuring a magnitude of 6 or greater in California since record-keeping began in 1932.

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Sources: USGS | Los Angeles Times | The Weather Channel