Ontario photographer's shot of bald eagle goes viral

'I could feel the wind from his wings,' says Steve Biro

Steve Biro had the photo of an eagle and its reflection in his mind before he went out door that day.

Even with a clear artistic vision, Biro wasn't sure he'd be successful. When he had tried to achieve that vision previously, it hadn't worked out.

"The year prior, the water was quite ripply. I found myself I wasn't in a great position to get the image that I was really hoping for," said Biro, who has been doing amateur photography for about ten years.

"This time I sat myself right down by the water. I laid down on a rock right at the water's edge and got nice and low."

And Biro was rewarded.

bald eagle 1

Steve Biro snapped this photo of a bald eagle at Canadian Raptor Conservancy in Vittoria, Ont. (Submitted by Steve Biro)

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It was a cloudy day on May 4, but still fairly bright at Canadian Raptor Conservancy in Vittoria, Ont., near Simcoe.

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The eagle was unhappy with where he was perched, said Biro, and it shot daggers at him the entire time he was there.

It flew over a pond multiple times. And in one of hundreds of photos Biro snapped, the eagle had its wings wide open, ready to fly toward Biro's camera.

bald eagle 2

The bald eagle later stopped at the rock where Biro was first perched. (Submitted by Steve Biro)

Not only that, Biro captured the reflection of the bird he had wanted a year ago.

"He flew kind of straight at me and over my head, and was close enough that I could feel the wind from his wings as I laid there."

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While Biro had taken many photos across the world as he travelled and hiked, he said this one of the eagle definitely makes it into his top ten.

eagle 3

Biro says the eagle had flown over the pond multiple times. (Submitted by Steve Biro)

It's also making its way into people's hearts. The photo has made it to the front page of Reddit.com and to USAtoday.com.

"I got the image I wanted and I was still surprised by the overall reception and the way it resonates with the people all over," said Biro.

As he has done with some other photographs he's taken, Biro will be selling prints of this eagle.

With files from Dale Molnar.

This article was originally published by CBC News.