Massive dust storm, damaging hail, and flash floods hit Australia

The massive cloud blocked out the sun, creating a terrifying scene that was widely-shared on social media.

A massive dust storm hit communities in the Central West of New South Wales, Australia Sunday, courtesy of damaging winds produced by severe thunderstorms.

Several photos were posted to social media showing the 300-kilometer-wide cloud. In some areas, the dust generated was thick enough to block out the sun. Wind gusts around 100 km/hour were recorded in several affected regions.

Most of the dust was comprised of Much of topsoil from New South Wales state farms, easily transported due to drought-like conditions in the area.

baron - dust storm

East of the dust cloud, it was a different story.

The same system brought hail which damaged homes, cars, and businesses, while cutting power to suburbs in Canberra and Melbourne, according to Australia Associated Press. Flash flooding occurred in Brisbane and Queensland, leaving two people injured.

Meanwhile, authorities are warning of an elevated fire risk this week in New South Wales and Victoria due to rising temperatures and dry conditions.

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1 - Dust storm Jason Davies

Courtesy: Jason Davies Photography

2 - dust storm - Jason Davies photography

Courtesy: Jason Davies Photography

3 - dust storm - Jason Davies photography

Courtesy: Jason Davies Photography