Iconic arches in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley collapse

Strong tides are the cause.

Two iconic keyhole arches in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley have collapsed.

Serving as a popular tourist destination near Medford next to an area known locally as Paddy's Island, the arches fell victim to strong tides sometime in the past two weeks, but the exact date is yet to be determined.

The Weather Network took part in a popular paddle-boarding tour of the arches in August 2019 when organizer Mia Lockhart mentioned concerns about it collapsing.

UGC: photographer “Jeanne Pothier

Credit: Jeanne Pothier, submitted

"With storms and rising sea levels its getting so that you know maybe 10 20 years we won't have [the arch] anymore," Lockhart said at the time.

Watch the video above for complete details.