Wildlife center seeks foster homes for hundreds of animals ahead of Dorian

Nida OmarDigital Reporter

The animals are currently in the process of rehabilitation.

No one wants to be in the eye of the storm and in cases of severe weather, our furry-legged friends are no different.

The South Florida Wildlife Center in Fort Lauderdale is seeking foster homes for almost 400 of its animals as Hurricane Dorian approaches the coast, according to CNN.

The non-profit organization looks after injured and orphaned animals such as owls, ducks, and squirrels, aiming to rehabilitate them in order to increase their chances of surviving in the wild

"Everybody has their hands full. We had 411 animals on the property when I came in this morning," Dr. Renata Schneider told CBS Miami on Friday.

Some of the animals have already been released back into the wild in anticipation of the storm.

Dr. Schneider baseed that decision on their innate animal instinct.

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They would be safer in the wild, than they would be if they were locked in a cage during conditions of severe weather, Dr. Schneider explained.

The animals who are not in decent shape will be placed in foster homes for the duration of the storm, CNN reports.

“Because of the risk of the winds and the rain to the animals, we are evacuating all of our patients,” said Deborah Millman, the facility’s director of operations.

The animals will be brought back from their temporary homes once the storm passes.