Couple finds coveted Game of Thrones throne in B.C.

Six thrones were hidden around the world in a contest to promote the HBO show's final season.

Kevin Sharman and his wife Birgit aren't exactly fans of HBO's Game of Thrones television show, but they are the latest winners in a global contest to promote the popular show's final season.

The couple was headed out for a cross-country ski, one of the last of the year, when they got a call from a reporter.

Sharman is involved with the Tumbler Ridge UNESCO Geopark Society, an organization that is aimed at getting more tourists to Tumbler Ridge and the reporter had called to ask him about geographical features in the area, in relation to the HBO contest.

The company hid six thrones across the globe, revealing hints as to their whereabouts using cryptic clues, in a promotional campaign for the fantasy series.

"People had started to piece it together that [one of the thrones] might be in the Tumbler Ridge area," Sharman said.

After talking to the reporter, he said he knew pretty much exactly where it was: Babcock Creek.

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"My wife and I headed out pretty much right away ... and as we drove up, we could see the throne sitting there right beside the creek!"

Greeted by a man standing in a full-length, fur-lined cape, Sharman and his wife explained they were there to sit in the throne.

"He kind of nodded like that was the right answer," he said. "I think there's some kind of protocol for the contest or the show."

They were taken down to the throne, he said, and Birgit got to sit on the throne and win bragging rights.

Fans have already located other thrones in Puzzlewood, England; Björklinden, Sweden; Castillo de Atienza, Spain; and Beberibe, Brazil.

The clues to the location of the sixth and final throne will be revealed later this week.

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The show's final season — its eighth — premieres on April 14.

"I'm not a big fan, although I will be now."

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