Turn your garden into a butterfly sanctuary this spring

We owe a lot to pollinators, so it's time we give something back.

Tucked away behind a row of houses, you can find North Vancouver's very own secret garden that literally comes alive during spring and summer.

The garden is part of the David Suzuki Foundation Butterflyway Project, a citizen-led movement that grows highways and laneways of habitat for wild pollinators like butterflies and bees across Canada. The more than 200 volunteers, known as Butterfly Rangers, lead efforts to help grow butterfly-friendly corridors through their neighbourhoods as part of the project.

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The Weather Network's Vancouver bureau reporter Mia Gordon met with Rangers Stephen Deedes-Vincke and his wife Sally Hocking for tips on how anyone can turn their garden into a pollinator paradise. Watch the video above for their tried-and-true recommendations..


Thumbnail image source: Getty Images