B.C. farm finds unique way to help Canada's struggling native bee population

Pollinators and local farmers have a lot to buzz about thanks to the support of the Honeybee Centre

Did you know that one of every three bites of food you take is thanks to a pollinator, particularly bees? But bee populations, particularly native bees, are on the decline in Canada.

In fact, in 2021, a warm spring gave way to a bee-eating parasite that killed nearly half of all of the country's honeybees, and farmers are afraid of the impacts future global warming could have on the bees.

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With drought conditions, climate change, and now this, farmers across the province are worrying about the future of food security in British Columbia.

To help combat some of these threats, the Honeybee Centre in Surrey, B.C., allows farmers to rent out their bee colonies to help during the pollination season. The team visits local farmers, decides where the bees should go and how many are needed, and then leaves the bees there for the pollinating season, which usually runs from May to the end of July.

The farmers get guaranteed pollination, which leads to bigger and more bountiful crops, while the Honeybee Centre gets honey, which they then sell in their shop. A win-win situation!

On top of renting out their bees, they also offer education services for all ages to hopefully inspire the next generation of bee farmers. You can learn more about Honeybee Centre's tremendous efforts by watching the video above and by visiting their website.

Thumbnail courtesy of Honeybee Centre