Thousands of venomous wasps seek shelter from cold in man's home

Thankfully, the wasps were sleeping when they were discovered.

Thousands of wasps swarmed a Vietnamese man's house in an attempt to stay out of the cold on December 1, and the nail-biting event was caught on camera.

In the video above, venomous wasps cling to the walls of the man's home. Luckily, they were sleeping and did not attack.

The man uses smoke to drive the wasps out of his home and then sealed up holes to prevent them from coming back.

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While unfortunate, this isn't strange behaviour for wasps or many other insect species that seek shelter when temperatures start to dip.

Wasps tend to become grumpier in the fall as food sources become scarce. They're also more aggressive and protective of their queen.

By the time winter arrives, they've calmed down a bit and will move less to conserve energy. Some species of wasp have difficulty flying in temperatures below 10° C, and many will die if exposed to prolonged freezing temperatures.