Wild horses of Canada: How they survive harsh weather conditions

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Horses have been in Canada since 1665.

Though an exact count is not available, it is estimated that roughly 2,000 horses can be found across various parts of Canada. These majestic creatures inhabit Sable Island in Nova Scotia, Bronson Forest in Saskatchewan, the Rocky Mountain Forest Reserve in Alberta, and the Okanagan and Brittany Triangle of British Columbia.

Feral horses date back to 1665, brought here by King Louis XIV.

Like any wild animal, these horses face challenges, especially from harsh weather conditions. Back in September 2022, the approximately 500 feral horses on Sable Island rode out Hurricane Fiona, returning to graze the next day "almost as if nothing happened," according to one staffer who stayed behind during the storm to monitor the animals.

Overall, however, their population is declining, and experts don't know why. In the video above, The Weather Network's Jaclyn Whittal speaks with an expert about the survival of wild horses in Canada.

(Header image shows wild horses in Sundre, Alta. Submitted to The Weather Network by Kristin Duff)