Thinking of a winter getaway? Here's our complete travel guide

Warmer climes are calling. Don't be without what you need.

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We’re right in the depths of winter, and amid the cold and the dark (and airport traffic woes notwithstanding), perhaps you’re thinking of getting away somewhere warm. The travelling experience can be a little uncomfortable, so here are our top picks to make your trip as organized as it can be, the better to enjoy that sunshine when you do finally get to your destination.

INIU Portable Charger

Phone power bank Amazon

SHOP NOW on Most airline seats have a place to plug your phone in to charge, but you could be awhile on the move waiting in lines or shifting terminals between getting to the airport and taking your seat. As in so many other cases, having a power bar handy is a good idea, and this one from INIU is our top choice at Shop The Weather. Featuring a beefy 20,000 mAh capacity and three charge ports (including one USB-C), it’s got plenty of power for even late-model smartphones. It also features an inbuilt USB light in case you need to rummage around in your seat for somewhile while the cabin lights are out. I use it myself, and I’m completely satisfied with it.

iSeekerKit Fast Charger

iSeekerKit Fast Charger (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on Speaking of charging, whether you’re waiting for your flight, already on it, or already at your destination, you really don’t want to spend too much time charging up your phone or other devices. A proper fast-charging adapter is what you need, and this one features four ports to take care of the needs of all your fellow travellers, and comes in a three-pack for good measure.

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Viyafit Travel Adapter

Viafit Travel Adapter (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on Of course, your charger won’t be much use if you don’t have the right adapter for where you’re going. Of all the ones available, this one comes well-recommended. Aside from the universal AC socket, it includes four USB ports, one of which is USB-C.

Amber Night Reading light

Amber Light (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on Long-haul flights can be a good time to catch up on some reading, but when the cabin lights go down for the night-time cycle, I don’t like using my seat’s inbuilt light, as I find it too bright and don’t prefer to disturb the other passengers. I use this amber light for bedtime reading at home (it doesn’t affect your natural circadian rhythms the same way blue light from your phone does), and it would work just as well on the plane. With three brightness settings and a good charge, it should do the job well.

Defway Family Passport Holder

Defway Passport Holder (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on When travelling as a family, it’s normal for one family member (hopefully the most impeccably responsible one) to keep ahold of all the passports and boarding passes in one place. If that’s you, consider this passport wallet from Defway. It’s got room for up to four passports, plus multiple cards, and various pockets and carabiners for small items. The whole package itself is made of a waterproof nylon material (you don’t want your passports getting wet. Trust me) that also offers RFID protection against identity theft. A nifty addition to your passport kit.

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Bagsmart Toiletry Bag

Bagway Toiletry Bag (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on Picking your hotel is up to you, but quite often, the bathroom won’t feature the kind of storage you’re used to at home. Rather than rummage through your toiletry pouch whenever you need something, or strewing your toiletries around the sink top, invest in a proper hanging toiletry bag, like this one from bagsmart. Available in two sizes and seven designs, its multiple pockets, pouches and straps will be enough to hold everything you think you’ll need for personal care, and can be hung just about anywhere.

OrgaWise Electronics Bag

OrgaWise Electronics Bag (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on We don’t recommend taking too many electronics with you while you’re abroad but if you’ve a genuine need, it’s best to have your devices and their various cords in one place to take on your carry-on. Water-resistant with three layers, one of which includes adjustable compartments, it should be a fine home for all your devices and accessories (thought, shouldn’t you be taking in the sights instead of being on your iPad or Switch?).

Tabitora Portable Travel Shelves

Tabitora Travel Shelves (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on Outside the bathroom, your hotel closet may not be set up just the way you’re used to. For better ease of storage and unpacking, invest in a set of travel shelves. These from Tabitora fold up to take almost no space in your luggage, and expand to offer three polyester fibre shelves and a bottom storage compartment. Comes in two sizes and eight colour options.

Yolok Packing Cubes

Yolok Travel Cubes (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on Another one for those who prefer to travel organized. This set of packing cubes actually also contains a small hanging toiletry bag, laundry bag and shoe pouch, more than many other kits of its kind that are out there. Available in seven different colours.

Shanje Luggage Scale

Shanje Luggage Scale (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on Getting to the end of the luggage check line only to find one of your bags is overweight is a very much NOT desirable travel hassle, so you’ve always got to make sure you’re in the right weight range. Rather than rely on bathroom scale maneuvers, invest in a simple hanging travel scale like this one. With a maximum capacity of 110 pounds (not that your bag will be anywhere near that heavy, we hope), it features four different unit modes and a comfortable grip. It’s also inexpensive, so pick one up before you pack.

LightTimeTunnel Bluetooth Sleep Mask

22-05-04 Sleep Mask Amazon

SHOP NOW on As a companion to your travel pillow, add an extra layer of in-flight relaxation with this sleep mask. It features a Bluetooth connection and in-built stereo speakers, so outside of takeoff and landing, you can listen to relaxing music or white noise from your smartphone, with a 12-hour battery life according to the manufacturer.

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Everlasting Comfort Travel Pillow

Everlasting Comfort Travel Pillow (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on Unless you’re travelling business or first class, your seat isn’t exactly going to be the most comfortable experience – especially on a longer or overnight flight where you’ll need some shut-eye. A travel pillow is a must if, like me, you struggle to sleep while travelling. Crafted from comfy memory foam, it also comes with a sleep mask, memory foam ear plugs, and a carry bag.

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