In the Pursuit of Spring

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Canada is not just a massive country – it's a playground for adventure, with 9.9 million square kilometres and 1.4 million kilometres of open road.

Roads that twist through every geographical feature imaginable. From coast to coast, all Canadians witness nature on its own thrilling ride. And that ride is at its most exhilarating in the Spring, pursuing the transition from Winter to Summer. Even when the weather can’t make up its mind, with thunderstorms, downpours and strong winds one day with fog and gentle rain pushed out by a gentle breeze for sunshine the next, it all serves a purpose. Nature uses weather to pursue spring beauty, from colourful flowers to budding trees sprouting new leaves, and a calmness between stormy weather to bring a sense of tranquillity. It all drives toward what comes next – setting the stage for warm sunny days.

Storm Chaser Mark Robinson knows all about nature’s pursuit, and his profession is a testament to an adaptability that is only matched by the performance of his Mitsubishi Outlander. He spends hours behind the wheel as a storm chaser, hunting for extreme weather. Mother Nature doesn’t hand him tornadoes, hurricanes and violent thunderstorms on a silver platter. He needs to pursue weather, and even then, there is no guarantee that the extremes he hunts will develop from towering cumulonimbus clouds. His plan requires flexibility as the thrill of the chase drives him along Canada’s roadways and across all terrains to arrive on location to document what happens next – something spectacular.

But when nature is not pelting Robinson with hail, soaking him to the bone or blow-drying his hair with hundred-kilometre winds, he slows down and enjoys Spring’s gentler side with a pause for tranquillity. He wants to slow down, smell the flowers, and enjoy the outdoors, whether camping or going to the cottage with his family. If the urge to chase thrills sets in without a storm around, he’s not out pursuing status, high speeds and the almighty dollar but spends his time outdoors riding on dirt bikes, getting blissfully lost in his pursuit of the peaceful side of adventure.

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Like many of us, Robinson lives in a country with unpredictable Spring weather. But how his vehicle manages these sudden changes shouldn’t be unexpected. No matter the condition, he is free to drive like he wants in his Outlander. This Mitsubishi comes standard with Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC), an intelligent all-wheel-drive system that uses real-time data from sensors to send instructions to each wheel. This adaptability allows the Outlander to hug the road, whether it's muddy dirt roads, loose gravel, pristine pavement or rough roads. No matter what fickle weather spring throws, the ride will be predictably smooth, safe and in control with multiple drive modes to suit the conditions. All this without sacrificing exceptional comfort. The versatility and superior traction of his Mitsubishi Outlander allow him to switch seamlessly between different driving scenarios, making it the perfect companion for his Spring adventures.

Hunting extreme weather should be left to professional storm chasers trained to escape harm's way. But Robinson’s passion for the hunt resonates with all of us. Now that Winter is in the rearview mirror and Spring has arrived across Canada, it’s time to plan your drive. Whether bringing your little ones on a big adventure, commuting in the city or just spending more time in the open air, spring brings a renewal to pursue what’s important to you. The reward is getting there, but the satisfaction comes from what happens in between. Just as nature spends spring embracing the endless possibilities that each day brings, the right vehicle allows you to have fun chasing your aspirations safely and with the versatility to tackle any road condition across this great nation – freeing you to decide where your ambition takes you. Enjoy the ride without asking, “Are we there yet.” And what better way to do that than with the anticipation and excitement of planning your spring adventures with the Mitsubishi Outlander?