Guilt-Free Winter Experiences: Embrace the 'green ski-cation'

Discover the thrilling world of green ski-cations, where sustainability and adventure go hand in hand.

Winter tourism in Western Canada is a significant contributor to the economy, generating over $2 billion in revenue. However, it is crucial to address its impact on carbon emissions. A study conducted by ANEM and ADEME, representing resorts in France, revealed that a day of skiing produces an average of 48.9kg CO2eq.

A professional skier in Revelstoke, Greg Hill, has taken it upon himself to address this issue by introducing a concept he terms as a 'green ski-cation.' Having traveled extensively for skiing throughout his life, he became aware of his personal carbon footprint and recognized the need for change. As a result, he now offers a 4-day touring trip where he collaborates with guests to calculate their carbon emissions.

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During the trip, electric cars are used to transport guests to trailheads, enabling them to explore the backcountry responsibly. On the final day of the excursion, guests have the option to visit Revelstoke Mountain Resort, renowned for its use of electrically powered chairlifts and gondolas.

Before departing, guests revisit their carbon calculations and identify ways in which they can reduce their ecological impact back at home.

Learn more about this earth-aware ski experience in the video that leads this article.


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