Golden Sunshine in Canada’s Spring Playground

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Tourism Kamloops - TWN (April 15)

Spring has sprung, and it awaits you in Kamloops!

Kamloops, British Columbia, is the perfect spring destination. While the rest of the country contemplates removing their winter tires and putting away snow shovels, people visiting Kamloops this spring are getting their vitamin D by basking in the sunny playground of the Thompson Valley's great outdoors. The city sits at the junction of the North and South Thompson Rivers in the rain shadow of the coastal mountains, where the stage is set for a spring getaway of outdoor adventure under blue skies.

Spring in Kamloops converges on four outdoor cornerstones: a hiking paradise with striking views carved into the stunning landscape, gorgeous trails for biking, hundreds of freshwater lakes teeming with fish, and an oasis of patios that line the city's streets. This is where nature pulls all the stops with a dazzling, breathtaking display that allows you to also catch your breath. Mother Nature escapes here, and with that famous Kamloops sunshine, she has already rolled out the red carpet.

"With most of British Columbia expected to see a warmer than average spring in 2024, residents and visitors to Kamloops should have ample opportunities to get outdoors this season," verifies The Weather Network meteorologist Rachel Modestino.

B.C. 2024 Spring Highlights

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The daily chance of rain is low, and the chance of sunshine is high. The alignment of the valley creates a gentle breeze that helps push low-lying clouds out, one of the factors that explains why Kamloops has an average of 131 hours of extra bright sunshine a year compared with other regions in British Columbia's interior.

Beautiful Views and Expansive Trails

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(Credit: Dylan Sherrard, Tourism Kamloops)

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The panoramic views from any of Kamloops’ summits are well worth the hike, giving you a tranquil moment to soak up the pure beauty. The entire valley is framed with splashes of colour, wide-open grasslands, fragrant pine forests, rugged sandstone canyons and hundreds of trails weaving through a valley plush with pristine eye candy. Get a map and hit the trails for a day hike, a leisurely walk through the grasslands, or a cross-country bike ride that weaves through the region's rugged terrain.

The picturesque views include ancient volcanic rock-formed hoodoos. Experience these towering clay spires in person at Cinnamon Ridge, the Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park or the plateau above East Shuswap Road. Online pictures of these majestic, rugged rock sculptures jutting from the ground do not give them justice.

An Angler’s Paradise

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(Credit: Joel Clifton, Kamloops Tourism)

No matter which way you set out, Kamloops is surrounded by hundreds of lakes, most reachable within an hour's drive.

It's a sport fishing paradise where just mentioning trolling or fly fishing for Rainbow Trout gets seasoned anglers counting how many sleeps until they visit. With their red rainbow-hued racing stripes, the fish guarantee an adventure for both the experienced or a beginner looking to cast a line from the dock.

The fish are famous for putting on a show, tail-walking across the still waters, flying out of the water with aerial acrobatics and sprinting for long runs. You won't know whether to grab the net or hold up a score with the number 10. For those in the know, Kamloops Rainbow Trout land at the top of any angler's bucket list. Check the provincial government's freshwater fishing regulations for licensing information and rules.

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Not Just a Feast for the Eyes

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(Credit: Jonny Bierman. Brownstone Restaurant, Kamloops)

Kamloops offers a range of outdoor experiences for your taste buds, with cuisines as delicious as the scenery. The city's chefs take everything the region provides and plate it at the dozens of patios that line Victoria Street and the surrounding neighbourhoods such as Tranquille Road in the city’s North Shore region. The patios are also a gateway to discovering the city’s budding breweries, cideries, wineries and distilleries. BC officially recognized the Thompson Valley as a designated wine region in 2018. The northern latitude, clay and sandy loam soils left by the glaciers and 2,013 hours of annual sunshine make the Kamloops Wine Trail exceptional. Whether it's crisp whites, fruit-forward reds, frosty beers on tap or local cocktails, the patios offer a spot to relax and quench your thirst.

The number of restaurants and bars with outdoor seating is plentiful. There are more choices than hours in a day, so bring an appetite and consider an extended stay. To help you start your adventure, the new easy-to-use Loops Explorer Pass unlocks everything under the sun for your spring trip. Experience Kamloops like a local with this free digital pass while saving instantly at restaurants, shops, hotels, and attractions. The best Spring has to offer has arrived in Kamloops, where you should be.