Cross the line: Steps away from path of totality in these communities

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If you live in certain Canadian communities that are just outside of the path of totality, in many cases, all you will need to do is take a short bicycle ride or walk a few steps or to get within that full view

A 99.9 per cent totality is a completely different experience from 100 per cent, when the moon fully obstructs the sun.

Some communities are literally on the cusp, and a short bike ride or walk will give you a completely different experience on Monday.

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We’ll walk you along the path and point out some communities that are cut in half by the line, and how far you’d have to go to go from 10 seconds of totality to a solid 60 seconds.

Extreme southwestern Ontario

Chatham, Ont.

If you’re not south of Highway 18, Park Avenue West, you won’t be in totality. An hour's walk or a 15-minute bike ride south, on the other hand, gains you over a minute of totality as you approach the 401.

Chatham, Ont. path of totality April 7

Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Oakville, Ont.

The clear city on the cusp is Oakville, Ont., where the community will face differing totality times, with some missing out altogether. Downtown is safely in totality and we’ll use Kerr Street as an example.

If you’re at Kerr Street and Speers Road, you won’t be in the path of totality, but walk 20 minutes south to the water and you’ll buy 35 seconds of totality.

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Oakville, Ont. path of totality April 7

If you want a full minute, head to Coronation Park, about a 45-minute walk down Lakeshore.

Note the northern sections of Burlington are also experiencing a partial eclipse.

Southern Quebec

Montreal, Que.

The Island of Montreal is divided by the path of totality, with the north end only experiencing a partial eclipse, with downtown witnessing 90 seconds of totality. For those in Laval, it’s worth the trip to head into the city to see this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Montreal, Que. path of totality April 7

Drummondville, Que.

Another town sliced in half, with southern sections recording a minute of totality, while areas north of downtown stuck watching the partial show.

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New Brunswick

Bathurst, N.B.

So close to totality that you can feel it. The community is getting 99.97 per cent of the sun blocked, but head five kilometres southeast and you’ll be squarely in the totality zone.

The southern extent of the totality line bisects northern sections of Moncton, but this is a larger city centre that will just miss totality (99.997 per cent). Magnetic Hill is looking at about 22 seconds of totality.

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New Brunswick path of totality April 7

Communities like Shediac will get 45 seconds.


Summerside and North Rustico, P.E.I.

Summerside and North Rustico just snuck into totality, accumulating one minute and 30 seconds of totality.

Those in Charlottetown will still be in partial territory (99.6 per cent), so a trip to Summerside is in order.

P.E.I. path of totality April 7


Corner Brook, N.L.

Head about 20 km southwest along the Trans-Canada Highway, and you’ll enter the path of totality. Corner Brook will see 99.88 per cent of the sun blocked, but trust us, that 0.12 per cent is still extraordinarily bright.

Newfoundland is also unique because its geography also offers the southern extent of the totality path.

Unfortunately, most of the Avalon Peninsula will miss out, unless you happen to be up near Heart’s Content. The Bonavista Peninsula is a prime location if we can get the stubborn clouds to clear on Monday.

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Newfoundland path of totality April 7

The difference between Arnold’s Cove (99.99 per cent) and Come By Chance is about 10 km, and it buys you a minute of totality.

The forecast

Of course, this is all contingent on the cloud-cover forecast. So, give our official forecast a read to help prepare you for this momentous occasion on April 8, 2024.

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