Brace yourself, this year's allergy season could get even worse

Your allergies could get worse, thanks in part to the hot and humid summer ahead

The Weather Network’s summer forecast is out! And with a hot and humid summer ahead for millions, this means allergy season could become worse. That's according to Daniel Coates, the director of the pollen research lab at Aerobiology Research Laboratories.

"With a good balance of rain and heat, you will see a lot more pollen released into the air," cautions Coates. 

Parts of southern Ontario, including the Greater Toronto Area, saw an above-average mulberry boom in May, which got the allergies going for many. Now, the Aerobiology Research Laboratories is watching pine circulate throughout the country. 

"Pine, we are going to see throughout June, and it's only going to elevate," says Coates. "That’s the yellow stuff you see all over your cars and furniture. But as the pine goes down, we will start to see grass season and weed season come up. And that will last right through the fall, including August, September, and October."

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And yes, weed season means the return of ragweed—and ragweed loves heat. 

"We could see a really bad season for ragweed allergy sufferers this year," adds Coates. "Ragweed does like rain, like most trees and grasses. They thrive when they get good rain and then nice dry spells. Based on weather forecasting, that does appear to be the situation in Ontario, Quebec, and Eastern Canada."

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Allergy season is inevitable; it's going to happen every year, and that is why we are here for you. There is no cure for allergies, but it's important to know what is circulating in the air, and The Weather Networks pollen report will give you up-to-date information on every single sneeze this summer!

Canada's daily pollen forecast can be found on the Weather Network's app and website

(Canada's daily pollen forecast can be found on the Weather Network's app and website)

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