Springing into exercise too quickly can send us to the massage table

Get out and enjoy the spring weather, but be gentle on your body. Going too hard too fast can put you on the sidelines in a hurry.

A lot of people will be coming out of winter hibernation looking to stretch their legs and enjoy the warmer weather outdoors.

However, if we're not careful, springing into exercise or any activity too quickly can get us into trouble and send us back to our beds and couches, or even massage tables. Kim MacDonald, content creator and weather specialist at The Weather Network, spoke to Adrianna Campovari, registered massage therapist and professor, to get a list of the ways Canadians can end up on the massage table as the weather gets warmer.

Watch the video above to see the ways we can end up on the massage table this spring if we're not careful with our bodies.

(Thumbnail courtesy of Getty Images)