Our top choices for focusing on your wellness this winter

Reset and recharge with these favourites that will help you feel ready to take on the rest of the season.

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Your winter wellness journey starts here. From the best hand cream to combat dry skin to a thoughtful journal, check out our list of self-care products you can reach for when life gets busy.

Dreamegg White Noise Sound Machine

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SHOP NOW on Amazon.ca: Here’s everyone’s top product for a long winter’s nap! The Dreamegg is suitable for all ages and helps you fall and stay asleep. While there are many benefits to using a sound machine in a baby’s room, it can also help tinnitus patients, shift workers, insomnia sufferers, and people who live in loud environments obtain better quality sleep. This must-have gadget features several sound selections, a warm glow night light, a timer for various settings, volume control, and a convenient headphone jack.

MediAcous Light Therapy Lamp

MediAcous Light Therapy Lamp (Amazon)

SHOP NOW on Amazon.ca: Even though you’ve had a good sleep thanks to the Dreamegg, the body still struggles with the lack of sunlight. A UV-free light therapy lamp like this one mimics the sunlight and helps increase your energy, boost your mood, enhance your focus, and leave you feeling revitalized. Aside from its four brightness settings, it has a good handle on the light temperature as well, from warm amber to bright white – whichever you react best to.

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SENSEEZ Calming Cushion for Kids

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SHOP NOW on Amazon.ca: Keep calm and SENSEEZ on! This product was developed specifically with kids in mind but provides comfort for anyone over the age of three. The Calming Cushion by SENSEEZ vibrates when you squeeze it or lean against it, which helps kids ease their senses, stay focused, and even fall asleep. Adults can place this on the back of their office chair for relaxation during the day too! The pillow runs on two AA batteries (not included).

Burt’s Bees Hand Salve

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SHOP NOW on Amazon.ca: With nearly 14,000 customer ratings on Amazon.ca, this classic hand salve from reputable brand Burt’s Bees will soften and nourish your skin. It’s made with natural ingredients like shea butter, honey, beeswax, and oils designed specifically to combat rough, dry hands. For best results, all you have to do is gently massage a small amount of the hand salve into your skin daily before and after outdoor activities. As a bonus, it helps keep gardeners’ hands moisturized in the springtime too.

Nummy Creations Caramel Instant Herbal Coffee Alternative

Amazon, Nummy Creations Caramel Coffee-Alternative, CANVA, Winter Wellness

SHOP NOW on Amazon.ca: This ultra-tasty coffee alternative from Nummy Creations will help you keep your caffeine-free resolutions in 2023! I’ve personally tried this herbal blend (I've been caffeine-free since 2016) and can confidently say, it’s delicious. All you need to do is add it to boiling water in your favourite mug and enjoy. Plus, it’s packed with health benefits from ingredients like dandelion root, chicory root, rye, and barley. Available in five flavours and a sample pack.

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Gratitude Journal

Amazon, Gratitude Journal, CANVA, Winter Wellness

SHOP NOW on Amazon.ca: Journaling can help with your overall wellness routine and this number one best seller is packed with gratitude prompts. This 52-week guide provides self-exploration with a focus on being thankful for what we have, the big things in life, and the simple joys as well. With more than 27,000 ratings on Amazon.ca, this popular choice will help start your day well.

Crate 61 Vegan Natural Bar Soap, Citrus Variety Pack

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SHOP NOW on Amazon.ca: This handmade in Toronto set features the bestselling citrus soaps from Crate 61 including Lemongrass, Vanilla Orange, Avocado Grapefruit, Fresh Mint, Tango Mango, and Patchouli Lime. From firsthand experience, this soap leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized as it uses cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and unrefined avocado oil as a base. Dermatologically tested and approved, it’s also environmentally friendly and packaged in a biodegradable paperboard box. Perfect for a relaxing bath or gifting to a friend.

Power WearHouse 1 lb Weights

Sport Chek, Ankle Weights, CANVA, Winter Wellness

SHOP NOW on Sportchek.ca: Fitness is an important component of wellness. This style of weights is a favourite amongst my group of friends. Each weight in this set is one pound and can be added to your walking, yoga, dance, aerobics, home workout, or rehabilitation routine. Velcro closure allows for an adjustable perfect fit every time, plus they’re waterproof and silicon coated for comfort. Available in three colours.

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