9 things you need for the ultimate sun protection

Aside from using sunscreen, here are a few things that will help you stay shaded from harmful UV rays this season.

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Protection from UVA and UVB rays goes beyond applying sunscreen on a daily basis. When the sun’s shining, turn to these practical accessories that will provide extra safety while in your car, backyard, or out and about enjoying the beautiful weather.

Sun Shades for Car, SPF 30+, (2 Pack)

Amazon, Sun Shades for Car, CANVA, Sun Protection 2023

SHOP NOW on Amazon.ca: This car window shade provides UV protection, cuts the sun’s glare, reduces heat, and prevents your passengers from getting burned or overheated through the glass. It was designed with kids in mind but adds shade for anyone in the backseat, pets included. With a flexible fit, the shade can be stretched to fit a maximum space of 51 by 22 inches, meaning it easily fits most car window frames.

UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves, UPF 50, Unisex

Amazon, UV Sleeves, CANVA, Sun Protection 2023

SHOP NOW on Amazon.ca: Keep your arms covered with these sleeves are a universal fit for men and women and are available in a variety of colours. They’re lightweight with seamless comfort, making them suitable for long, hot hours under the sun while you’re cycling, hiking, golfing, fishing, gardening, or playing sports. Wear, hand wash, hang to dry, repeat; your skin will thank you.

Columbia Women’s Sun Trek Hooded Pullover, UPF 50, White

Amazon, Women's UPF long sleeve shirt, CANVA, Sun Protection 2023

SHOP NOW on Amazon.ca: Maybe you don’t have a lot of time to lather on sunscreen before walking your dog in the morning or maybe you want some extra protection when you’re heading to the park with your kids. Either way, this Sun Trek Hoodie from the well-known outdoors brand Columbia will help deflect the sun. It’s also moisture-wicking and quick-drying with a drawcord adjustable hood. Available in nine colours.

NAVISKIN Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt, UPF 50+, White

Amazon, Men's UPF long sleeve shirt, CANVA, Sun Protection 2023

SHOP NOW on Amazon.ca: This men’s sun protective shirt is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.ca. Made from a lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric, this shirt will also keep you cool and dry if you’re going for a run or hike. The crewneck style offers excellent coverage and the relaxed fit will move with you for all-day comfort. Available in a multitude of colours to suit your personal style.

Buff Unisex Adult CoolNet Neckwear, UPF 50+, Lilac

Amazon, Cooling BUFF, CANVA, Sun Protection 2023

SHOP NOW on Amazon.ca: One size fits most adults for this multifunctional cooling accessory. It can be worn in 12 different ways including as a neckerchief, headband, beanie, face mask, or hood - many of which help cover your ears from the sun as well. The fabric is made from 95 per cent recycled materials, so you can feel good about this product in a number of ways.

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Easy Pop Up Beach Tent, UPF 50+

Amazon, Pop Up Beach Tent, CANVA, Sun Protection 2023

SHOP NOW on Amazon.ca: If you’re heading to the beach or park for the day, seek some shade in this portable sun cabana. It provides spacious shelter for two or three people with a two-way entrance and two large windows that deliver 360-degree ventilation. The innovative sandbag design is fitted with a tightening string, plus four wind ropes make this tent secure in windy conditions. It’s also water repellant to help keep you dry during a light rain shower. Carrying bag included.

7-Foot Beach Umbrella, UPF 50+, Lake Blue

Amazon, Beach Umbrella, CANVA, Sun Protection 2023

SHOP NOW on Amazon.ca: Take advantage of a full day at the beach with this umbrella that will provide you with some protective coverage from the sun. It’s built to last with a fortified triple-layer supporting structure including eight fibreglass ribs and an added air vent to help better resist any wind that decides to breeze by. Easily tote this umbrella with you in the carrying bag that comes with it and no base is required with the sharpened pole that sticks directly into the sand. Available in three nautical colours.

Windriver Men’s Outback Hat with Flap and UV Protection

Marks, Wind River Men's Hat, CANVA, Sun Protection 2023

SHOP NOW on Marks.com: This hat is a smart addition to your outdoor attire, giving you the ultimate coverage from not only harmful rays but also ticks and mosquitos. In fact, the Wind River brand is the provider of Canada’s first tick and mosquito-repellent clothing, jackets, and accessories. It’s effective for up to 70 washes, helps block the sun, features a back flap for extra UV protection, and has an adjustable chin strap which ensures the hat stays on your head during windy conditions or boat rides.

Cooling Towel for Hot Weather, 40”x12”

Amazon, Cooling Towel, CANVA, Sun Protection 2023

SHOP NOW on Amazon.ca: It’s easy to overheat when the sun is strong. This cooling towel is suitable for hikes, running, camping, outdoor yoga, bike rides, golf, or any activity you’re doing to take advantage of good weather! All you need to do is soak it in water, wring it out, swing it up to four times, and wrap it around your neck, head, or arm to savour its cooling effect. This anti-UV towel comes with a waterproof bag and carabiner making it easily packable and portable for your next adventure. Available in 10 colours.

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