Beset by black flies? Here are 5 products to help you battle them

Black flies are a true scourge, but you needn't be helpless.

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We’ve talked about ticks, mosquitos, even ants before here at Shop the Weather, and now we’re onto the dreaded next stage: black flies! For anyone who has to spend lots of time outdoors in areas where they’re endemic, you know they can be a real pain in the – well, everywhere, if you’re not careful.

So if you’re out on the trails, or labouring away at opening up your cottage or getting your garden ready, here are five things we recommend for you to take the edge off that barrage of blasted black flies.

Tough Outdoors Mosquito Suit

22-05-06 Mesh Suit Amazon


If spending a fair bit of time in black fly country is unavoidable, might as well dress like you’re going to war, so to speak. There are a few options out there for mesh suits, and we were drawn to this unisex variety. It’s breathable and high-visibility due to its beige colour, though the one drawback is its lack of included gloves, so you’ll want to slather some repellent on your hands as soon as you can.

What else we liked:

  • Adjustable drawcords to seal off arms and legs

  • Comes with carrying pouch for easy storage

  • Rated 4.4 out of 5 based on more than 400 reviews on

ayamaya Mosquito Net Sun Hat

Mosquito hat


If you can work in trousers and long sleeves, or the day’s black fly horde is manageable (or maybe you just feel lucky), you can opt for something a bit more stripped down, like this hat with attached bug mesh. With its drawstring for the neck, it’ll keep the little beggars out just fine, and the hat itself has vents and a mesh lining, to help with cooling.

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What else we liked:

  • Available in four colours

  • Wide brim provides excellent sun protection

  • Rated 4.5 out of 5 on, based on more than 650 reviews

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Insect Shield Sport Crew Sock

Insect sock Amazon


Mesh suits can be effective, but as with sprays, bugs have a nasty habit of finding that one place you missed, don’t they? Your heel is – well, the Achilles heel of bug protection, so a good, insect-repellent pair of socks is a sound investment. This one, the Insect Shield Sport Crew Sock, will serve you well. It’s treated with permethrin, which makes most biting insects, not just black flies, look elsewhere for their meal.

What else we liked:

  • Treatment lasts for up to 70 washes

  • Comes in size medium (9-11, featured above) or large (10-13)

  • Medium size rated 4.4 out of 5, based on more than 300 reviews by Amazon users

Natrapel 6-Hour Mosquito, Tick and Insect Repellent

NAtrapel repellent


There are a lot of sprays out there that claim to be a good guard against biting insects of all kinds, and of them all, we like this one from Natrapel. DEET-free with an essential oil base, we’ve recommended it several times before, and we aren’t the only ones who love it; it’s the top choice for insect repellent sprays on

What else we liked:

  • Natural plant base (oil of lemon eucalyptus) helps avoid the usual acrid smell of most bug sprays

  • Provides up to six hours of protection from bugs of all kinds

  • Rated 4.3 out of 5 by users who ordered it from, based on almost 250 reviews

LABELLEFÉE Citronella Coils

22-05-06 Citronella coils Amazon


Citronella, when burned, is famously effective against insects, and we’ve previously suggested citronella tea lights for your patio. If you’re doing outdoor work or getting some early-season camping in, and don’t mind too much about aesthetics, there’s this option as well: citronella incense coils, with a dash of lemongrass. With a solid burn time, they should help take the edge off.

What else we liked:

  • Includes 48 coils and two free stands

  • Each coil burns for up to four hours

  • Rated 4.2 out of 5 on, based on around 900 reviews

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