Pollen season looms! Here are some cities with the highest concentrations

Here's what the data says, based on 10 year averages.

Pollen season lasts from April to October in Canada -- but if you're sensitive to this powdery substance, you're probably well aware of that.

Aerobiology Research Laboratories, the pollen forecast provider for The Weather Network, says up to 9 million Canadians live with seasonal allergies and as many as 1 million dogs.

Pollen and Spores are counted in grains per cubic metre.

A pollen level of 1-20 with spores up to 1,000 is considered "low".

Pollen levels over 200, with more than 8,000 spores are VERY high.

For weed, tree, and grass pollen, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Halifax, Nova Scotia were some of the best cities, with some of the lowest daily averages, based on a decade's worth of data collected by Aerobiology Research Laboratories.

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Southern Ontario cities were repeatedly on the worst list, with Hamilton, Barrie, and Windsor being multi-pollen offenders.

To find out the pollen forecast for your area, head to our pollen report.

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