High avocado prices prompt creation of 'counterfeit' guacamole

Wholesale prices on avocados have increased dramatically year-over-year, due to a seasonal dip in production in California and Mexico coupled with a growing demand for the fruit.

According to CNN, Mexican avocados cost 129 per cent more than this time last year in the U.S. Most of the cost is being passed onto consumers, with retail prices doubling in some places.

“This is the highest price for this time of the year in at least a decade, probably more,” David Magaña, vice president and senior analyst at California's Rabobank told USA Today.

According to Magaña, the wholesale price was $84.25 for a 25-pound box the first week of July, compared to $37 during the same week last year.

According to ABC Eyewitness News 7, some Los Angelos taco stands and eateries have started using calabacitas, a Mexican squash, to make guacamole.

"You make this fake one using a summer squash that looks almost like azucchini and you blend them and you get them to that texture that is a taqueria guacamole," restauranter Javier Cabral told ABC.

It doesn't look like "counterfeit" guacamole will be on the menu for long.

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Analysts predict the price of avocados will regulate this month as production in Mexico picks up.

Source: ABC