Feeling under the weather? These lesser-known immune boosters can help

It's time to give your immune system a much-needed boost.

Have you ever noticed everyone seems to get sick when the temperatures drop? Well, new research has come out showing us that cold temperatures actually lower the immunity in our nose, making us more susceptible to viruses.

We’ve gone over the immune-boosting powers of vitamin C and Zinc before, but did you know there are also three phytonutrients that can give your immune system a much needed boost — and they can be found in everyday foods!

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Quercetin, apegenin, and allicin are three phytonutrients that are sure to kick your immune system into high gear. Each one plays a different but important role in supporting your health.

“Quercetin can inhibit several strains of the influenza virus in the early stages of infection,” says Diane Murphy, a holistic nutritionist. Meanwhile, “Apigenin is a powerful antioxidant that can improve our immune response.”

While quercetin and apigenin can help prevent and fight off viruses, what can you do if you do get infected with a virus?

"Allicin is helpful in reducing the severity of cold and flu symptoms," Diane says, adding that to maximize its potency, you should try eating foods like onions and garlic raw.

Watch the video above as Rachel Schoutsen goes into more detail about these important phytonutrients and what foods you can find them in.

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