Create these cold-weather bubbles with this simple recipe

Kyle BrittainVideo Journalist

These frozen soap bubbles look like works of art.

When soap bubbles are formed in frigid temperatures they freeze. While that may not sound remarkable, the frozen structures they leave behind certainly are.

If you're living in a region that's experiencing temperatures that are -10°C or lower, you can create your own frozen bubbles.

It's a neat winter-time experiment that's easy to do at home, weather permitting.


  • 200 ml of warm water

  • 35 ml of dish soap

  • 35 ml of corn syrup

  • 2 tbsp of sugar

  • A container

  • A spoon for mixing

  • A straw


  1. Add the corn syrup to the water, followed by the dish soap.

  2. Add the sugar. This helps with crystallization.

  3. Pour the mixture into the container and set in the freezer for a few minutes -- just long enough for everything to cool off.

Then you're ready to head outside and blow some bubbles. They'll be fragile, so try to find a spot that's sheltered from the wind.

The ideal temperatures are between -10°C and -25°C -- that's when you're likely to see tiny ice formations in your bubbles.

But be patient: It could take a few tries before you get a good bubble.

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Special thanks to Chris Ratzlaff, who provided the recipe.