Why some people feel the cold more than others: Here's the science behind that

An expert provides some insight into why you may always feel cold.

This time of year, it's not uncommon to hear people complaining about the cold.

Our body temperatures are more or less the same - but it seems as if some people feel the cold more than others.

Is that possible?

Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht, a physiologist and professor at the University of Manitoba, says there are two factors at play.

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One is psychological, and based on how we perceive temperature drops.

But there's also a physiological aspect. It relates to a phenomenon called vasoconstriction, which helps our body from losing heat by lessening blood flow to the skin. Some people have less of an ability to respond to the cold in this way, which could put them at higher risk of hypothermia.

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Learn more about vasoconstriction and how to keep yourself comfortable in the cold in the video above.

Thumbnail image by Cheryl Santa Maria.