Avoiding the grocery store? Give dandelions a try this spring

A nutrient-packed food is coming to a backyard near you.

You've probably heard about the online campaigns to save the bees by letting your dandelions grow.

Bee benefits aside, what about rounding them up to nourish your family?

A report released by Dalhousie University says only about 24 per cent of Canadians are now comfortable with grocery shopping, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I tracked down gardening expert and author of the book Veggie Remix Niki Jabbour to ask if dandelions are safe to eat.

The short answer: Yes.

The long answer: "You can eat every part of the dandelion," Jabbour says.

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"From the roots to the flowers, to the leaves."

Once thoroughly cleaned, the roots are often ground up and used in coffees or teas, Jabbour says -- but it does make for a bitter taste.

If you want to try making dandelion root tea, Jabbour recommends adding some honey.


Dandelion leaves are packed with nutrients like calcium and are a great compliment to a salad. Jabbour recommends using the young leaves.

If you're interested in trying gardening for the first time, try creating a raised bed and starting with crops that are easier to grow, like cherry tomatoes and lettuce.

You can buy trays of pre-seeded plants at garden centres and plant mid-May, depending on the frost conditions.

Thumbnail image courtesy: Getty.