True origins of sasquatch can be traced back to this Canadian location

Explore the unique history of the sasquatch and its roots in Harrison River Valley, B.C.

Did you know that the stunning Harrison River Valley in British Columbia serves as the birthplace of the legendary sasquatch?

Sts'ailes members share a deep connection with the spiritual entity Sas'qets. Although Sas'qets is a spiritual being and remains unseen, individuals have recounted experiencing its presence, a cherished gift to the Sts'ailes.

The moniker "sasquatch" originated in 1929 when government representative J.W. Burns collaborated with the Sts'ailes community. Intrigued by the Sas'qets tales, Burns penned an article for MacLean's magazine titled Introducing B.C.'s Hairy Giants, unintentionally misspelling the term sas'qets, thus giving birth to "sasquatch."

The sasquatch has held a distinctive place in the storytelling traditions of the First Nations groups in the Harrison Lake and Harrison River regions for generations.

Folks from anywhere can learn more about the story of the legendary Sasq’ets and Harrison River Valley heritage at the newly renovated Harrison Visitor Centre and Sasquatch Museum, located inside the Harrison Hot Springs Tourism Centre.

(Header image: RichLegg/Getty Images. Stock photo. Collection: E+. Used for illustration purposes only)