No better way to celebrate Nova Scotia than with its lobster crawl

Nova Scotia's south shore is where you'll find the best lobster in the world!

The Nova Scotia lobster crawl is a celebration of all things lobster held over the month of February on the province's south shore.

Home to Canada’s biggest and most lucrative lobster fishery, the crawl aims to promote tourism, and to give people a reason to explore the south shore.

"For us, our season is during the winter so we wanted to create a festival to bring people here in what is typically called the off season," said Lucy Atwood, with the municipality of Barrington.

According to the kilted chef Alain Bossé, lobster caught at the coldest time of the year has better flavour.

"This is as cold as the water gets through the winter, and therefore the lobsters are plentiful and the flavour is naturally sweet. It's beautiful, it's got a really nice texture, especially if it's properly cooked," says Bossé.

Nathan Coleman - Lobster roll.jpg

Lobster roll at Captain Kat's Lobster Shack in Barrington Passage, N.S. (Nathan Coleman)

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There's everything from a lobster chowder chow down, to a lobster roll off competition happening at restaurants and venues from Barrington, the lobster capital of Canada, all the way up to Peggy’s Cove.

According to Bossé, you shouldn’t overdo it with the mayo on your lobster roll.

"If you’re looking at traditional it's usually a lobster on a buttered hot dog bun grilled, and the lobster itself is mixed with a little tiny bit of mayo and usually there's a crunch. A little celery, that's all you need. You don’t need to have a drown it in mayo, just a tiny bit. Let the lobster shine through," he suggests.