Follow The Weather Network to plan your day? Fursuiters sure do!

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There's a subculture called Fursuiters. They're a group of people who dress up as furry animals. During the winter, they're snug, during the summer, they're a close friend of The Weather Network.

Planning a bike ride, a hike, or to dress up as a furry animal? We're here to provide all the weather insight you can plan your day.

Nathan Coleman, The Weather Network's Halifax Bureau Reporter, met up with a few furries after connecting on social. Coleman said, "When a person dressed in a raccoon suit started following me on Twitter, I didn't know what to think, other than I suppose everyone needs to know the weather."

Coleman connected with Streaks the Skunk and arranged to meet up in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Streaks invited furry friends Maple and Loka to talk all things Fursuiting and weather.


Nathan explains that "Fursuiters like to gather in groups to suit together so they're always checking the forecast to make sure the weather is going to be tolerable for everybody."

"If it's the winter I can go out all day, if it's the summer I can only really go out for 30 minutes to an hour at a time before the heat just gets too much right."

According to Streaks, Fursuiters have been around since the late '70s and gained popularity in the '90s. Watch the clip above to learn more about fursuiting, why Streak decided to be a skunk, and what it's like to fursuit in the humidity of summer.