Become a master traveller in no time with these 5 savvy tips

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Make your next trip the best one yet by using these five tips!

It’s been quite a long two years since travel was first jolted to a halt, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2022, flights are taking off once more and many Canadians are itching to be on them, eagerly looking for a change in scenery.

While dreaming of a vacation is the easy part — the stress that comes with planning your travels is definitely real!

It’s time to leave the stress at the door and get the best out of your next vacation, with these 5 tips for savvy travel.

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Tip 1. Check-in online

It's a step that many people would do anything to avoid, and now you can.

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Download your airline's app and skip the check-in lines by printing your boarding pass in advanced. It’s an easy time-saver and only takes minutes to complete the process on your phone.

Knowing how trivial Canadian weather can be, check-ins are also great for keeping you up-to-date with the status of your flight.

If an unruly amount of unexpected rain has delayed your flight, you can be the first to know.

It's a good idea to check your flight status regularly before leaving the house.

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Tip 2. Collect Aeroplan points

Watch your dream trip become a reality by collecting Aeroplan points.

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Collecting points is an easy way to upgrade any trip without spending extra money.

By turning points into perks, you can boost your next travel experience. You can use points to get Wi-Fi access on flights, a seat upgrade or even relax at the Maple Leaf lounge before taking off.

Reward programs help you travel more and travel better - and the best part?

You can earn Aeroplan points without changing your everyday habits. If you’re an avid coffee drinker at Starbucks or use Uber Eats for those lazy dinner days, you just got yourself some points towards a better trip in the future. Plus, there are tons of other ways to earn points every day.

Tip 3. Choose your meals wisely before a flight

If you love sleeping on flights, it’s time to perk up for this next tip.

While meals like cheesy pizza are undeniably delicious, you may want to reconsider eating them before embarking on a long flight as what you eat can sabotage your sleep.

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According to the Sleep Foundation, heavy meals can keep you awake. After a big meal, your body has to devote energy to digestion. Combine this with not being active, limiting digestion further - and you may find yourself struggling to get some shuteye.

To combat this, try to eat lighter meals before takeoff and your trip will fly by!

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Tip 4. Travel with others

Travelling the world is an experience of a lifetime — so why not bring your whole family to share in on the adventure?

By working as a family, you can reach your travel goals sooner.

We’ve all heard sharing is caring, and with Aeroplan, you can pool your points together as a family to make your next trip a better experience for everyone.

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Up to eight family members can join your family pool — where you can redeem points, use travel perks or even cover your entire trip as a team.

Travelling is all about making memories, after all, so why not work together to make your next trip the best one yet?

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Tip 5. Don’t be afraid to ask for hotel upgrades

It may be nerve-wracking, but hey, what’s the worst that can happen, a better room?

The hotel you're staying in will likely have many amenities such as a breakfast buffet, fast-speed internet, or a room with a spectacular view.

If you want the best experience on your trip, why not ask for an upgrade right when you check-in? You never know — you could get all three!

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It’s not unheard of for hotels to upgrade your stay, especially if you're celebrating an occasion with a loved one, like an anniversary or birthday.

Staying at a hotel or resort during 'the slow season' offers the absolute best shot at getting some complimentary perks.

And of course, with loyalty programs like Aeroplan, you can use points to redeem your entire hotel stay — so start collecting!

Follow these five savvy tips for travel and make your next trip the best one yet!