Our Story

The reality and severity of climate change are upon us. Science has made this unequivocally clear. There is no doubt: we are bearing witness to what many say is the most pressing issue of our time.

Social Responsibility

As a growing number of Canadians — together with people from around the world — share their belief and increasing concern about human-caused climate change, The Weather Network and MétéoMédia has identified a social responsibility to seek out and report on the causes and impacts, but most importantly, highlight stories of hopeful solutions to abate this serious climate breakdown.

A New Narrative

We are committed to storytelling that moves the climate change conversation away from hopelessness and despair towards a new path forward. In doing so, we will engage the public in this new narrative in a relatable tone and approachable voice. We will be clear on the causes of climate change and we will define how the impacts affect all of us, yet with a focus on sustainability, we will present the solutions that each of us can be a part of. Admittedly, part of this storytelling will be a challenge, but while we will explore issues that cover the social, economical, and political spheres, we will do so objectively, and our reporting will always be based on facts and science.


We know our best practices will be valued by our growing audience who trust us more than any other brand to tackle this subject. Join us as we reveal insights through weather, science, data, and storytelling to address the climate crisis and provide solutions that empower change and provide hope.