Bad Policy: Traffic is more than just an unfortunate part of life

Hazel Thayer, the host of The Climate Breakdown, delves into the intricate relationship between traffic and detrimental policies shaped by the automotive industry and oil companies.

Welcome to The Climate Breakdown, where we break down the breakdown of the climate without giving you a mental breakdown.

In this five-part series, host Hazel Thayer unpacks some of the most important aspects of the human-caused climate emergency in the conversational, common-sense tone that she’s renowned for on TikTok and other social media platforms.

Produced and directed by Aaron Hagey MacKay from The Climate Ad Project and Beaverton, The Climate Breakdown uses a fresh visual approach that often employs humour to underline the overwhelming consensus that experts and scientists have agreed on when it comes to climate change causes and solutions.

In each episode, Hazel speaks with experts and draws from her experience covering many of these topics across other platforms like TikTok to help audiences navigate questions such as:

  • Why are we so focused on our personal “carbon” footprint?

  • How are fossil fuel subsidies holding Canada back from a green transition?

  • What role does Canada play in reducing global emissions?

  • Why are all of our cities designed around cars instead of people?

  • Can trees and carbon vacuums suck all that CO2 out of the air?

Check out the newest episode of The Climate Breakdown in the video above!