Here's a look at British Columbia’s first carbon neutral hotel

For decades the Inn at Laurel Point in Victoria has carved out ways to reduce their carbon emissions. The Weather Network had a chance to learn more about the critical steps to become the province's first of its kind.

From net zero air conditioning to improved energy and water efficiency to a 7-stream recycling program, the Inn at Laurel Point sets itself apart from other hotels with the title of being British Columbia’s first carbon neutral hotel.

For Brooke Harris, the Marketing and Sales Manager at the Inn, one particular feature that makes this hotel so unique is the hydrothermal technology that allows the rooms to be cooled by ocean water.

mia gordon carbon neutral hotel

A view of the Inn at Laurel Point in Victoria, British Columbia. (Mia Gordon)

“What the system does is take the cold ocean water through the building and puts it into 114 heat pumps. That water is cooled down and is filtered through the hotel’s AC system,” Harris said to The Weather Network.

On top of using net zero energy the hotel has also partnered with some unique companies to divert 77 per cent of waste from landfills—unused soap is donated and worn sheets are turned into bandages.

Watch the video above to find out more about the additional steps the hotel has taken to reach their carbon neutral goal.