Calgary company transforms garbage into renewable diesel

Kyle BrittainVideo Journalist

This company in Alberta aims to find a new use for growing landfills.

Over 2 billion tons of garbage is generated by humans around the world each year and landfills are quickly filling up. In addition to being unsightly and toxic to the surrounding soils and groundwater, the waste that is breaking down in landfills is a source of greenhouse gases. To combat this issue, a company in Calgary is transforming waste from landfills into renewable diesel.

Cielo Waste Solutions is located just south of Calgary and the president of the company, Don Allan, says that their goal is “to become the greenest corporation that the world has ever seen.”

“Our whole intent here is to eliminate the requirement to have landfills in the world,” says Allan.

Weather Network reporter Kyle Brittain visits the facility to show us how this company converts household and industrial waste into energy, which can be seen in the video above.

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images