P.E.I.'s iconic lighthouses are on the edge of rising sea levels

Coastal erosion and rising sea levels are threatening historic lighthouses in Prince Edward Island.

Lighthouses are an iconic symbol of Prince Edward Island's storied history. They were originally built as navigational aids to help boats arrive safely, but now they are the ones facing the threat of the seas.

Concerningly, sea level rise and coastal erosion are causing a loss of up to five metres of shoreline per year in some areas of the island. The ocean is getting closer to a number of roads and structures — according to researchers, 17 of the island’s 63 lighthouses are at risk.

PEI lighthouse (rustyl3599. iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Lighthouse on a bluff in Prince Edward Island. (rustyl3599. iStock / Getty Images Plus)

The Weather Network spoke with Dr. Adam Fenech, head of the University of Prince Edward Island’s School of Climate Change and Adaptation, to discuss how drones are helping us discover how many lighthouses are under threat and why the shoreline is disappearing so quickly.

Watch the video above to learn more.

Thumbnail credit: Elenathewise. iStock / Getty Images Plus