Active AlertsObabikong Indian Reserve No. 35B, ON

Heat Warning
Issued at Tue 4:37 AM Jun. 6
Issued by: Environment and Climate Change Canada
Recommended Action

Drink plenty of water even before you feel thirsty and stay in a cool place.

Never leave people or pets inside a parked vehicle.

Ask a health professional how medications or health conditions can affect your risk in the heat.

When it’s hot eat cool, light meals.


Heat event continues today.

Maximum temperatures: high twenties.

Minimum temperatures: mid to high teens.


Warm and humid conditions continue today. Slightly cooler and less humid air may arrive by Wednesday.


The risks are greater for young children, pregnant women, older adults, people with chronic illnesses and people working or exercising outdoors.

Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, send an email to or tweet reports using #ONStorm.