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Including localized weather data on your out-of-home digital displays is an easy way to provide your viewers with frequently updated and highly relevant content. Whether your screens appear in retail stores, hotel lobbies, office elevators or shopping mall food courts, keep your viewers informed and engaged with weather information from a leading weather company.

We provide data to out-of-home digital companies through our advanced data feed systems. Our flexible technology allows you to customize a feed that meets the needs of your display network. By pulling our data into your systems, you can integrate our weather information into the look and feel of your displays to ensure you maintain consistency with the other content on your screen.

You can select from any of our International locations to ensure that you can provide local weather information no matter where your displays may be located. You also have the ability to select from any of these weather parameters:

  • Current conditions
  • Short-term forecast
  • Long-term forecast

Our development team will work closely with your technical team to ensure the data is set up to flow smoothly to your backend systems at regular intervals. And once your feed is set up, our support line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you experience a problem with your data feed.

Contact a member of the team to find out how you can get the weather on your out-of-home digital displays today.

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