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In an effort to provide you and your customers with the fastest and most accurate weather information, we have developed our unique API system. Our Weather API provides you with access to the latest weather conditions on-demand.

Like never before, you have the ability to integrate our trusted and accurate forecasts into your website, mobile application, digital signage or other consumer platform with exceptional ease. Benefit from this service by offering your customers the latest, real-time conditions to plan their day, all through a simple, reliable data service.

Key features you are entitled to with our API:

  • On demand access to the latest weather conditions
  • Reliable, accurate weather data from a trusted brand
  • Hourly and 7 day forecasts
  • Data for any city location in our database
  • City search capability
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Offers both metric and imperial measurements
  • RESTful service
  • XML or JSON data formats

To get started, contact a member of our team to discuss how you can make the weather work for you.

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