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Residents in southeastern Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba woke up to a heavy blanket of snow Boxing Day, with widespread blizzard, winter storm and snowfall warnings still in place. Details here

World's smallest snowman built in Canada. See it here

Winter Forecast: Classic Canadian winter welcomed home

Blinding snow squalls wreak havoc on GTA roads. See photos

Christmas tree draws crowd for all the wrong reasons. See it

Snowbird Forecast: Where & when to travel south this winter

Winter Forecast is unlocked: Here's how we determine it

The truth behind diesel engines and the cold

How to boost your car battery like a boss

New vehicle regulations aimed to limit pedestrian deaths

Warm up thieves wait for first cold day to strike

Tobogganers rejoice: Hills reopen in Ontario city after ban

Must-see night sky this winter, here's when to watch

Five awful things extreme cold does to the human body

Extremely warm Lakes point to snowy months for millions

Pinched at the pump? The culprit may be winter weather

Shovel Smart: Dos and Don'ts

Experts: How to drive in whiteout conditions

Get a grip on winter driving with these safety tips

Winter eats: Warm up with these comfort food recipes

Winter Quiz: Find your winter sports personality, here

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