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Storm parade marches on in the East Coast as Arctic air funnels in this weekend

Friday, December 3rd 2021, 11:30 am - Temperatures drop across the Maritimes while rain, wind and warmth continue for Newfoundland on Friday. A short lived period of sea-effect snow to start the weekend before attention turns to more warmth and rain to start next week.

Rain will continue across Newfoundland on Friday, while temperatures cool in the Maritimes, and precipitation changes over to wet snow. Blustery winds and sea-effect snow have also prompted watches and warnings for Cape Breton, with up to 20 cm possible into Saturday. Forecasters are also keeping a close eye on a bigger system for next week, which threatens additional periods of rain and snow as the storm parade continues across the east. More on timing and impacts, below.

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Light rain will continue across parts of the Maritimes into Friday afternoon, before transitioning to wet snow as colder air and northwesterly winds filter in behind the cold front.

Much of Newfoundland will stay as rain through the day, with an additional 20-30 mm expected for southern sections, and 10-20 mm on the Avalon and to the west.

ATLRain (22)

Through Friday evening, that rain transitions to snow across western Newfoundland, with sea-effect snow continuing through Saturday, as well as across Cape Breton and the southern Avalon Peninsula.

Between 10-20 cm of snow is expected in the hardest hit places through Saturday.

atlsnow (3)

Winds will also continue to be gusty across Newfoundland, with gusts between 70-90 km/h expected along the coastal sections of the Burin and Avalon Peninsulas through Friday.


Much colder and blustery conditions will filter in for Saturday behind the departing storm, which could lead to a period of prolonged sea-effect snow.

Forecasters are also eyeing another storm early next week, with widespread rain for parts of the southern Maritimes and southern Newfoundland expected. Local amounts between 25-50 mm are likely. Strong winds are also forecast with this storm, with gusts of 70-100 km/h.

Temperatures will soar in the warm sector of the storm, with even the potential to reach the low to mid-teens late Monday night across the Maritimes and into the lower teens for Newfoundland on Tuesday. Conditions will turn colder as the storm departs the region mid-week.

Be sure to check back for updates on the relentless storm parade across Atlantic Canada.

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