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Will it be hot enough in your city to break heat records?

Thursday, July 18th 2019, 3:19 pm - It'll be uncomfortably hot ... but just HOW uncomfortably hot?

You don't need us to tell you it's hot this week if you live in southern Ontario, but if you're hoping for relief in the next little while, there'll be none to be had. In fact, Friday is shaping up to be the hottest July 19th on record for several communities.

Obviously, that's never a guarantee, but Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton took a look at some southwestern cities as well as Toronto, which will all be sweltering as heat flows into Ontario.

People in Hamilton and London won't like the odds: They're likeliest to have their records broken, as they are in the low 30s. Windsor is looking 50-50, but a Friday daytime high exceeding the current record of 36.7°C is not out of the question for the famously hot and humid city.

Toronto, as hot as it will be, isn't likely to break its record of 35.6°C, however. In fact, the hottest single day in all of last year was 35.4°C.

Obviously, this is to say nothing of humidex values, which will be dangerously high Friday and Saturday. Most places will feel hotter than 40, but for southwestern communities from London to Windsor, the humidex will be nearer to 50 than to 40 ... something people in those areas should take absolutely seriously.

Watch Tyler Hamilton's video above for a fuller breakdown.


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