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Brutal cold, downright dangerous wind chills sweeping the Prairies

Saturday, February 19th 2022, 8:14 pm - Wind chill values will dip into the -30s and -40s across the Prairies over the next couple of days.

An Arctic front plunging across the Prairies will send temperatures into a nosedive this weekend. Some cities could see a 30-degree drop in temperatures between Saturday night and Sunday morning. While the snow will ease on the eastern Prairies overnight, bouts of snow will continue for Alberta through Sunday. More on this frigid forecast, below.


A push of Arctic air sinking south across the Prairies will send temperatures freefalling from their relatively comfortable highs on Saturday. The extreme turnaround will send wind chill values plummeting into the -30s and -40s for many communities through early next week.


Snow will begin to ease for the eastern Prairies through the overnight hours Saturday into Sunday, welcome relief for folks in Manitoba who’ve dealt with one spell of blizzard conditions after another in recent days.

Northeasterly flow behind the cold front will allow snowfall to continue across Alberta heading into our Sunday. This upsloping will keep the flakes flying for the Alberta foothills, where we could see storm total accumulations of 20-25 cm between Calgary and Hinton.

Elsewhere across the Prairies, snowfall amounts will range from 5-15 cm for most spots. Blowing snow will make for hazardous travel conditions throughout the region, even after the snow stops falling.

The Prairies are in line for brutally cold temperatures, arriving Sunday. They will be an unwelcome change for folks on the western Prairies who have enjoyed much warmer than seasonal temperatures over the past couple of weeks.

Prairie Plunge

Saskatoon’s forecast between Saturday evening and Sunday morning tells the tale of the Arctic air flooding into the region.

The city will see a precipitous temperature drop overnight, going from an above-zero reading before sunset to air temperatures in the -20s by sunrise Sunday. Wind chill values in the -30s will make the air feel exceptionally cold.


This frigid spell isn’t going anywhere in a hurry.

Brutally cold temperatures will persist across the Prairies for most of the week.

Calgary’s forecast calls for a high temperature of -19°C on Monday with a nighttime low of -28°C, which are both a far cry from the seasonal high of 2°C and seasonal low of -9°C for a typical February 22nd.


The intense cold will last even longer over in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, where temperatures have already fallen well below seasonal for much of the month.

Regina and Saskatoon can expect daytime highs in the minus double digits, often not climbing above -20°C for much of next week. Winnipeg may spend much of next week below -20°C. Nighttime lows will fall even colder, with readings in the -30s common across the two provinces.

Wind chill values will make the cold downright dangerous to anyone who spends too long outdoors, with the risk for frostbite and hypothermia setting in after just a few minutes of exposure.

Frost bite graphic

Thumbnail courtesy of Mitch Weg.

Stay tuned to The Weather Network for the latest updates on this frigid Prairies forecast.

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