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Complicated Mother's Day forecast, so may need to plan ahead

Friday, May 10th 2019, 8:00 am - Things get a little complicated for the Mother's Day forecast this weekend. Find out who's warm, wet, windy or even wintry on Sunday.

As we get ready to celebrate all of the incredible Moms across the country this weekend, giving the gift of weather may not be the easiest option. While parts of western Canada luck out with yet another pleasant taste of summer-like conditions, parts of eastern Canada face a bitter after taste of winter. Here's how to plan for your Sunday with Mom:

Mother's Day


B.C.: Get ready for more sunshine, although mixing with increasing clouds. We'll see warm weather, but not as warm as the previous couple of days. Summer-like conditions extend into the interior with mid to upper 20°C temperatures expected.

ALBERTA: Summer-like warmth spreads across southern Alberta with daytime highs in the mid to upper 20s expected, although cooler for northern and central regions. Sun mixes with clouds, but late day showers are possible in the Rockies and into the foothills on Sunday.

SASKATCHEWAN AND MANITOBA: Warmer weather stretches into the region with temperatures into the low to mid 20s in the west, dropping to the mid teens for parts of the east. We'll see sunshine across southern regions, but more clouds for areas in the north.

ONTARIO: Mostly cloudy conditions in store with some limited sun to areas in the north. We'll see an upside down temperature pattern as warmer weather spreads across the north than the south. The threat for rain increases through the day across southern Ontario on Sunday with a raw east wind making things feel about 10 degrees cooler than seasonal in the region.

QUEBEC: Partly sunny conditions to start the day on Sunday, followed by increasing clouds, although staying dry. Temperatures expected to be a few degrees cooler than seasonal.

MARITIMES: Clouds mix with some limited sun as temperatures remain a few degrees cooler than seasonal, or more typical of April. The plus side is that Sunday will be the better weather day of the weekend.

NEWFOUNDLAND: Wet snow and mixed precipitation Saturday night will leave many waking up to a white Mother’s Day. Temperatures will be well below seasonal with a brisk north wind making things feel even cooler.

NORTHERN CANADA: Fair and mild conditions for the Yukon with rain showers expected for Yellowknife. Windy weather whips into the Northwest Territories and into Nunavut as mostly sunny and near to above seasonal conditions make for a nice Mother's Day in Iqaluit.

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Getty- Moms Day rain

(The gift of weather will be a tough sell across parts of the country this weekend. Getty images)


A personalized forecast for Mom here we go, let's start with the sun, before we get to the snow!

It's easy to see why it's called beautiful B.C., temperatures in the twenties and not too breezy.

Into Alberta where the last two weekends had snow, well not anymore, warmer air arrives as the west winds blow. A few showers may spill if you venture into the foothill.

Warmer weather also returns to Sask and to Man...There'll be more clouds to the north, so head south if you can.

For Moms in Ontario I wish I had better news, rain and a cool east wind could give those in the Horseshoe the blues.

From Ottawa to Quebec City, temperatures are still off the mark, so bring along a sweater for that stroll in the park.

Across the Maritimes this weekend what can I say, it'll feel more like April than May. But at least Sunday is the better weather day.

And a personal apology to Moms in Newfoundland and Labrador, and please don't be sore...But you may wake up to fresh snow at your door.

And finally we can't forget our beautiful north of course, some rain in Yellowknife, but fair weather for Whitehorse! And it should be pretty sweet with temps near 3°C in Iqaluit.

Regardless if there is snow, rain, or sun, to all Moms may your day be filled with love, laughter and fun!


With files from meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham

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