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'Weather bomb' to bring 80-100 km/h winds to Quebec, along with downpours

Wednesday, September 30th 2020, 9:30 am - Wind and rainfall warnings are in effect for much of the province, with extreme winds following on the heels of heavy rain.

A weather bomb, that occasional staple of the cooler months, will be affecting Quebec at full strength Wednesday, bringing extreme winds for much of the east of the province, including the capital. Most of the province will also have to contend with very heavy downpours as well, with an unsettled week ahead.


  • Downpours continue through the morning, gradually exiting through the afternoon and evening
  • Winds in the 80-100 km/h range for eastern areas Wednesday afternoon and evening
  • Unsettled latter half to the week


Heavy rains already moved into the province after a brief overnight dry period, and they'll be widespread across the province through the remainder of the morning, exiting altogether later in the day.

Some areas east of Montreal are in line to pick up more than 50 mm of rainfall, parts of Quebec City and northward may even see in excess of 60 mm between this system and showers from unsettled weather leading toward the weekend.

QC rains

The steady deluge looks to come to an end by the evening, ending sooner for Montreal and other western areas, but behind them will be spotty showers.

But more concerning will be the winds. The low-pressure system that is bringing these downpours qualifies as a 'weather bomb,' the meteorological term for a drop in pressure of at least 24 millibars in 24 hours.

In practice, that means howling winds, and indeed, an area of Quebec ranging from parts of the Eastern Townships through to the Gaspé Peninsula is set to see wind gusts in the 80-100 km/h range through the afternoon, ramping up as the rains wind down.

Quebec winds


The positioning of the low dictates where the worst winds will be, hence why people in Montreal and elsewhere along the St. Lawrence look to be spared the worst of the winds.

Beyond, an unsettled latter half to the week is ahead, with cooler, more fall-like conditions into the weekend.

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