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We got up close (but not too close) to Alberta’s most venomous critters

Wednesday, August 17th 2022, 9:10 am - The Weather Network's Kyle Brittain tracked down rattlesnakes, Black Widows, and scorpions to show the diversity of species on the Prairies.

Scorpions? In Canada? Not only do they exist, but they also glow in the dark!

The Weather Network's Kyle Brittain ventured out into prairie grasslands to look for Alberta's top venomous critters recently, and what he found may surprise you.

First, he tracked down a Prairie Rattlesnake — Alberta's only venomous snake — which can be found ranging within a few kilometers of the river valleys in the southeastern corner of the province during the late spring and summer.

Next, he located a Black Widow Spider. Females sport the characteristic red hourglass marking on the underside of their large abdomen, and can sometimes be spotted on tangly webs within the entrances to badger dens and gopher holes.

And finally, he scoped out a Northern Scorpion — North America's most northerly scorpion species. These nocturnal arachnids can be found in small pockets of prime habitat in extreme southern portions of BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Fun fact: They glow under UV light at night!

Check out the video above to see close-up footage and learn some interesting facts about the top three venomous critters of Alberta amid the stunning beauty of the province.

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