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Warm up with vitamin D! Brew a fortified tea this winter

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Sunday, November 1st 2020, 6:00 am - Whether it’s warm rays from the sun or the subtle steam from your hot cup of tea, every Canadian appreciates that cozy feel as the seasons turn.

Keeping cozy is not the only thing a hot cup of tea can do for a Canadian this winter. Tetley has crafted the perfect cup to keep you healthy through the winter. And with a pandemic in place, health is top priority for so many reasons.

Tetley Immune Plus and Tetley Sunshine are the first teas available to Canadians that are fortified with vitamin D. In fact, in one cup you’ll find 23 per cent of your daily vitamin D intake. This is very important as we see less sunlight through the fall and winter. As this happens, the majority of Canadians will fall short when it comes to this immune boosting vitamin.

“Our main source of vitamin D is from the sun,” says nutritionist Diane Murphy. “When sunlight hits our skin and mixes with cholesterol, vitamin D is produced. As Canadians, there are factors that can lower our levels like living in a northern climate, the use of sunscreen, working night shifts and sleeping or staying in during the day or if you cover up while out in the sun. Also, the darker our skin, the less vitamin D is made.”

Tetley Tea Courtesy: David Hodge

This is why a cup of tea offering 23 per cent of your vitamin D intake is an excellent addition to your winter routine. Plus, it tastes great!

These teas are approved by Health Canada and are very unique to the supplement market.

“Unfortunately, vitamin D is not widespread in our food supply and supplementation is recommended,” says Diane. “Research shows that Vitamin D can reduce viral replication and our risk of infection. It can help to prevent or reduce inflammation in the lining of our lungs that can lead to pneumonia. This is especially important during the fall and winter months when we’re more vulnerable to cold and flu season, and of course, during the pandemic.”

There has been some extensive research done during the pandemic about the vital role vitamin D plays in our bodies. Researchers have been tracking vitamin D levels in people who are suffering from COVID-19 and patients who have had a tougher time with the virus usually have a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D can help control acute inflammation which is essential for recovery. Doctors at the University of Alberta have been treating some COVID-19 patients with large doses of vitamin D in order to boost overall health and aid in the healing process.

Vitamin D has been praised for years as a protector of the immune system, however during the pandemic its positive effects have been even more evident.

Keeping healthy with an enjoyable cup of tea has never been more fulfilling. As Canada and the globe aim for a healthy start into the new year, fuel up with a fortified tea. It’s a new offering that Canadians should take advantage of this winter.

Cup of Tea. Courtesy: David Hodge For Adults Only: Do not exceed 2 servings per day. Do not consume this product with other supplemented foods. If you take a daily supplement, you may be getting too many vitamins or minerals by consuming this product. Photo courtesy: David Hodge

The views expressed in this article are the views of nutritionist Diane Murphy.

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