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This might be the heaviest pumpkin ever grown in Canada

Saturday, September 25th 2021, 7:19 pm - Cape Bretoner Carl Graham appears to have got pumpkin growing down to a science.

Carl Graham thinks he may have just grown the heaviest pumpkin in Canadian history here in his backyard greenhouse in Donkin, Cape Breton, N.S.

The Canadian record is around 1,959 pounds, and according to Graham's measurements, his pride and joy is already estimated at around 2,200 pounds, and he hopes to "get another 50" out of it.

The weather hasn't always been on his side – July was cool, cloudy and damp – but Graham says August and September have so far featured good conditions, along with the help of his greenhouse.

"Growing inside the greenhouse, 20 degrees and sun, lots of sun, you need a lot of energy to push out a fruit this size," he told The Weather Network's Nathan Coleman.

Watch the video above for the full report on Graham's efforts so far.

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